Bill Schnoebelen "former Illuminati member" is a fraud
Excerpt from Mark Dice's book, The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction

Another man claiming to be a former member of the Illuminati is William Schnoebelen as he recounts in his 1993 book Lucifer Dethroned. He is the author of seven books, including Masonry Beyond the Light (1991), Wicca: Satan’s Little White Lie (1990), Space Invaders (2003) which is only 120 pages and talks about UFOs, Blood on the Doorposts: An Advanced Course in Spiritual Warfare (1994) which was written with his wife Sharon, and Mormonism’s Temple of Doom (1987) which is only 79 pages. He has also appeared in several films including Riddles In Stone, and Interview with an Ex-Vampire.

Schnoebelen is an interesting character with white hair and a long white beard, looking somewhat like a wizard out of the Lord of the Rings movies, which is perhaps a deliberate style he adheres to for reasons that will become obvious as you learn more about him. He claims to be a former 32nd degree Freemason and a Shriner. He shows a photo of himself in the Shriner hat, where he looks much younger, and he has what he claims to be his certificate showing he had achieved the 32nd degree level of Freemasonry. This could very well be true. He says he was a former member of the Church of Satan and also shows a letter signed by Anton LaVey welcoming him to the group. This is also possible, as the Church of Satan does have an application that people fill out and send in to become a member. Since someone familiar with the occult would know the true possibilities of the teachings found within Freemasonry, it is certainly not far fetched that a member of the Church of Satan would want to join the Masons to further his occult knowledge. Now let’s examine the more far fetched claims that Schnoebelen has been making.

One of the most popular speeches Schnoebelen has given which includes his testimony on why he allegedly left the Illuminati and became a born again Christian, is in the video Exposing the Illuminati from Within which can be viewed on Google Video and YouTube. In his nearly three hour lecture, Schnoebelen goes through his supposed credentials when he was climbing the ranks in witchcraft and satanic circles, until ultimately he claims he was inducted into the Illuminati.

Schnoebelen is a very knowledgeable speaker. Most of what he talks about has been essentially considered factual by researchers of the Illuminati and the New World Order. He talks about how there is an agenda to demoralize society and indoctrinate the youth into a culture of immortality. He details some of the philosophy of Freemasonry and its connection to the web of secret societies and mentions the usual suspects such as the Knights Templars and Aleister Crowley.

But just when you start thinking that this is a legitimate guy, his credibility starts to rapidly erode. One of the growing list of far fetched claims he makes is that at one point in time in order to join the Illuminati, he had to have sex with a demon as part of his initiation into the second highest level.

Schnoebelen says, “What this means is you have to have sex with a fallen angel. And this is a very appalling and bizarre process, and it really nearly destroys every human being who has to go through it. It nearly killed me. I went through a formal marriage with a fallen angelic being. And of course you understand there is a Biblical principle at work here which Satan is using. And that is when you have sex with someone, you become one flesh with that person. And what happens at that point is, you become so demon possessed that it’s like burbling up here around your eyeballs. I had more demons per cubic centimeter than the entire city of Indianapolis, let me tell you. And the result of that is you just become a pretty vile, evil person.”(#130)

Now, there are four different ways to look at this claim. One is that he is making this up in order to create a unique point in his story and get people talking about him so he can sell more books and make more money off of his lecture circuit. Two, he is an insane person and actually believes that he had sex with the demon in his own mind. Three, the organization he was a part of actually concocted a bizarre ritual in which he was given a hallucinogenic drug (LSD or peyote) and had sex with a woman who was dressed up in a costume, and he was so high that he thought he actually was having sex with a demon. Or four, one might believe that he actually did have sex with a demon and that he is telling the truth.

His claims of having sex with a demon are actually quite tame compared to what he says in another video titled Interview with an Ex-Vampire, where he states that within in the vampire subculture, human vampires exist and indeed grow fangs to feed off of human blood. A small subculture of “vampires” actually does exist, but they are not walking dead who turn into bats and sleep in coffins. They are a small minority of the gothic subculture who do drink animal or human blood as part of their lifestyle. Usually they do not kill people for this blood, but they have friends and fellow “vampires” willingly give up a pint of blood for consumption, or they purchase animal blood from butcher shops and consume it. But Schnoebelen takes this idea to an absurd extreme, claiming that to become a “real” vampire, he drank the blood of a fallen angel and was then able to grow fangs which would retract when he was not “feeding.” He says as a result of “becoming a vampire” that he couldn’t go outside during the day because his skin would blister, and that he had to get a third shift job because he could only go outside at night.

Now, this author (Mark Dice) certainly has an open mind. Many things that I now know as indisputable facts, I would have considered exaggerations or paranoid delusions in the past before I had seen enough evidence that came from reliable sources. While it is certainly possible that Schnoebelen was a Satanist and high level Freemason, or even a member of the Illuminati, one has to see his claims of becoming a vampire as completely 100% fraudulent, and his claims of having sex with a fallen angel as highly suspicious and unlikely.

While it is my conviction that the Illuminati continues to exist today, that they follow a satanic philosophy complete with rituals and on some levels murder, human sacrifice, and child rape, none of the so-called former Illuminati members have offered much evidence of their alleged involvement, other than information that has been circulating in anti New World Order literature for decades.

One motive is always that of money. Another is the purpose of spreading disinformation by mixing facts with fiction in order to make those who believe in the Illuminati seem like they are all conspiracy theorists or science fiction nuts. Perhaps some who make false claims about being a former Illuminati member actually believe that they are helping The Resistance, in that they are getting people’s attention and educating them about other real issues involving the New World Order and the occult. Another motive is simply that of attention. And yet another is that of personal entertainment on behalf of some and their friends by fooling people into believing their claims and watching the news spread on the Internet like an urban legend.

(EXCERPT FROM THE ILLUMINATI: FACTS & FICTION by Mark Dice - Available on, Kindle and Nook.)

The fact that Schnoebelen is the author of seven different books on the subject of the occult, one may have a better understanding of his motives for exaggerations and outright lies about his involvement in such activities. In his video Interview with an Ex-Vampire, Schnoebelen admits that he never had a steady career and that most of his adult life he moved from one dead end job to another. After college, he began working as a music teacher at a Catholic school, but was fired and then, in his own words says he “had numerous, basically menial jobs until, really after I got saved. I never really had a super duper job. I worked in a foundry for a while, I was as a security guard, I worked for the Milwaukee Sentinel as a person who went around and filled up the boxes at night with newspapers, so that was basically my wonderful career.”# He also admits that he was a cocaine addict and later worked as a drug counselor when he got clean. So in his own words, he never had a career until he got saved, which means, until he became a Christian. As you now know, this new career he had discovered was that of writing books about the occult, while fabricating and exaggerating large portions of his life in order to create a compelling and attention-getting story.

While large portions of his lecture Exposing the Illuminati from Within are based on historic facts and philosophies, which Schnoebelen then mixes with his own fantasies and distortions, his Interview with an Ex-Vampire begins with a series of absurdities which even the most gullible and uneducated person should see as fictions. The interview starts with him recounting numerous supposed experiences from his past as he studied the occult, all of which get more absurd than the next. He begins with tales of haunted houses and ghosts throwing silverware in the kitchen, and later claims that a friend of his disappeared before his eyes in a magic circle during an occult ritual performed in a garage and never returned.

One can’t help but see a pathetic old man telling ghost stories as if they had actually happened to him, or a delusional schizophrenic who was once so absorbed with such stories, that now his mind can’t distinguish them from reality. There is also an eerie look of joy and excitement on his face when he tells his stories, probably from his own amusement that his audience is listening to him as if his fantastic tales were real, but instead the man is a walking, talking fictional novel.

While a completely honest and well meaning person may unknowingly exaggerate or inaccurately convey details from personal experiences from their past, Schnoebelen’s claims far exceed any standard of objectivity or credibility and upon even the brief examination found here it should be clear that he is not an authentic Illuminati defector and is a complete fraud.

(EXCERPT FROM THE ILLUMINATI: FACTS & FICTION by Mark Dice - Available on, Kindle and Nook)

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